donderdag 21 maart 2013

Unreasonable at Sea Barcelona

Het innoveren in Barcelona gaat gewoon door en zo ook het bloggen hierover. Onderstaande blog is geschreven om mensen enthousiast te maken om Unreasonable at Sea Barcelona bij te wonen, een project waarbij 11 ondernemers en 20 mentoren de wereld bevaren om hun boodschap te verkondigen, vanuit de gedachte: 1 believe that entrepreneurship will change the world. Klik hier voor een kort filmpje dat alles verklaart en lees vervolgens waarom het evenement in Barcelona het bezoeken waard is.

Why Barcelona hosts Unreasonable at Sea?

Barcelona is a vibrant breeding ground for inspiration and creativity. In the arts, it has produced some of the best such as Picasso, Dali and Gaudi. Their revolutionary impact and artistic initiatives helped form a foundation for innovative thinking, which is constantly evolving and pushing the limits of what can be achieved. Barcelona is a place where liberal arts and technology meet. Currently, the city is absolutely ablaze with entrepreneurship, supported by a strong international industrial scene (logistics/ automotive/ fashion/ biotech/ pharmaceutics). This transition can be witnessed through initiatives like SeedRocket, la Salle Technova, ESADE Creapolis, special MBA regarding social entrepreneurship and European initiatives, such as KIC Innoenergy having their residence in Barcelona. From an entrepreneurial perspective, the government (Barcelona Activa) is supporting the right atmosphere by offering free training and consulting to anyone willing to get involved. Lastly, due to the current economic situation, there is a new sense of urgency to be outstanding and think outside the box.

Barcelona is on its way to becoming the new European Hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. It has all the ingredients. To capture this spirit and celebrate the emergence, Unreasonable at Sea is making its last stop in Barcelona. After a journey around the world, they will talk of lessons learned, obstacles overcome, and share their reflections to inspire us even further. The 11 social projects are focused on four main themes: health, education, renewable energy, and water & materials. Best of all, we invite you to take your place and do your part in this journey by registering for the conference which takes place on April 26th, 2013.

Why should you come?

Because entrepreneurship is a developing art in Barcelona and Unreasonable at Sea Barcelona offers a glimpse into our planet’s future. By attending the conference you’ll have a front row seat to this global innovative experience, meet international entrepreneurs, and learn from some of the most accomplished mentors on the planet. You will profit from interesting networking opportunities, get inspired by current and potential new solutions, and become aware of the greatest issues facing our world today. The conference is a unique event that will bring together more than 400 people from around the globe. This is an opportunity to learn about a journey that demands our attention and our commitment to make an unprecedented global impact.

Do your part. Make a difference. Sign up here.

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